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Increase your business leads using digital marketing strategies !

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70% of people search a business online before buying their products/services. So having a great online presence and position for your business is the only way to increase the number of leads for your business. Establishing the online presence you must have website for your business. before knowing all things you must know about website. A website is a collection of web pages which having details information about your business, services, products. which is identified by a common domain name and it has published on web server which is visible to all on world wide web. for making a attractive website which attract more customer towards your online profile we need to choose website design and development company who having large experience in Web development services.

Need to experienced Web design & development company in Pune - Activebit Technologies is the only name which provides you a better SEO services for all your online business needs. after making attractive website of your business. large Lead generation strategies are one of the biggest challenges for digital marketers, as they need more customers for their business to grow. To driving more traffic to boost up sales & service being provided and the quality of the content designed to attract the targeted audience. Now a days the technology has advanced, The world has turned into a global village and the digitalization has changed. so this is important that how we conduct or manage our business online.

Here are some business lead generation strategies using Digital marketing tactics

1. Web pages Optimization.

Your business website is the main source of driving all the traffic, you have to check whether all website functionality working properly or not. check website loading errors, speed, bad user interface will drive the traffic away rather than bringing more in. Know which clients or companies has viewed your website is necessary for sales and marketing. This data can be given to a sales representative for conversion more clients.

2. Running A/B Tests

A/B test allows you to determine which version of your web page is causing more traffic such performance is checked through statistical analysis. Ensures higher conversions web pages helps us to increase the conversion rates and turn it in, more leads being generated.

3 . Do Regular website checks

If you are only check your website for bugs when something is going wrong or get repeated complaints, chances then definitely you are going to lose visitors faster than you are gaining them. This approach secretly causes the website to lag and possible visitors to turn, without you even ever knowing. Broken links that never load or 404 error pages can easily make visitors turn away forever. A weekly routine website scan is crucial not only to make sure the system is running smoothly but also to make changes and improve user interface whenever needed.

4 . Make Mobile Friendly Website Version

Your mobile friendly website is your digital business card. If your website is not optimized for a smooth experience on the users smartphone, then your website ranking in search engine is decreasing . If your webpage is not loading or working properly on a cell phone, it’s a big reason to worry; considering the number of people using their cell phones and how much traffic are you diverting from your website due to this cause alone.

5 . Create Lead strategy Through SEO

No matter how attractive your web pages are, it wont generate leads if it is not visible to the customers. then search engine optimization strategy helps . SEO put your web pages into the first search page of Google search engine results. then lots of unique visitor visits your website. from google search engine you can get more traffic after successful SEO setup.

6 . Use Social Media

Social media marketing is very useful for many businesses. Also, there are many social media platforms to generate leads using different online platforms. you can make promotion of your business, products and services. social media have large users who use social media daily this is easy way to reach your targeted audience.


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